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DFF is hosting a debate panel at Folkemøde this year about Diversity in research.

For more information and to sign up:

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A must watch.

This movie unravels the ice berg of hurdles #womeninscience are facing:

New analysis report from DFF and Tænketanken DEA highlights diversity in research and research funding:

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Will a more equal parental leave be a step towards more eual career chances?

We at DANWISE would like to express our fierce support for Danish gender researchers' work and freedom. Please read this open letter from Forening for kjønnsforskning i Norge if you'd like more insight

"There are so many good reasons why women should do research"

Read this fantastic profile of our co-chair Ida Vogel ( @vogel_ida) , an inspiring role model for female scientists, highlighting the challenges for women in science:


The Danish Society for Women in Science (DANWISE) is a non-profit organization committed to BRIDGING THE GENDER GAP in the STEMM, humanities and social sciences fields in Denmark,
by increasing gender inequality awareness,
by reducing gender biases
and improving hiring and promotion of women.


Membership is free.
We encourage all persons of any gender that wishes to apply to join DANWISE.

We are delighted to announce the two selected winners of the 2021 DANWISE Prize: Professor Anja Andersen (KU) and Professor Jens Hjorth (KU).

Anja was selected as a winner based on:

  • long-standing work in gender equality in academia
  • contributions on the Task Force for women in Research and Leadership
  • media outreach in these issues
  • work in improving diversity for women in Physics at the University of Copenhagen
  • co-initiation of the researcher’s #Me-too petition last fall.
Jens was selected as winner based on:
  • long-standing work in gender equality in academia
  • highlighting inequality in distribution of funding by the DFF over a 10 year window
  • diverse contacts to the media on gender equality and retaining talent
  • the initiatives taken and success achieved in recruitment of young female talent into the Physics area at University of Copenhagen
  • the encouragement of taking paternity leave
  • bringing forth longer employment contracts locally in the Institute.